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Feb 19, 2019

Last week in my conversation with Angie Jordan, creator of the Get Happy AF Podcast and Becoming, we talked about manifesting the things we want and achieving them. This week we get more candid about the differences in location, why eating meat is not really good for you and of course, what controls...

Feb 12, 2019

We start off season 3 of Living UNm with a great conversation with Angie Jordan (@AngieMJordan), Happiness Coach and creator of the Get Happy AF Podcast. We discuss all kind of things under the sun and she shares so much insight on being happy, manifesting the things you desire and determining your purpose. Enjoy part 1...

Feb 11, 2019

Tonight's TMS playlist is a cool simply relax and enjoy the smooth slow jams of the 80s and 90s. 





Jan 28, 2019

Being born in the 70s, I quickly learned to love and appreciate the music that shaped the generation before me...especially the slow jams. Enjoy this TMS playlist full of amazing music from one of the best decades. 




Jan 21, 2019

This sultry playlist comes directly from across the pond. With sounds from everyone from Adele to Sam Smith, it's a great one to chill out to. Special thanks goes to CoCo for help curating this amazing playlist.