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The TmP Life Podcasts

Sep 29, 2017

Rejection is a part of success and greatness, but most of us give up instead of arguing our point. I had a very good conversation with an unlikely person that had me thinking about it...and ultimately changing my tune. 




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Sep 21, 2017

While some celebrate their birthday by partying and posting on social media, I sit back to reflect on mine. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always impactful and meaningful. Enjoy this one. 



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Sep 15, 2017

Success is cool. Greatness is better. Today was a pivotal day. 16 years ago today I moved to Houston for the first time with the intentions of being successful. It didn't happen. But that's okay. Walk with me as I explain why it's okay.  Enjoy this one.


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Sep 7, 2017

On location at my meditation spot, I decided to share my story of why I got into the practice of meditating and how it relieves stress. We all have levels of stress and anxiety, and figuring out how to handle it makes a world of difference.


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